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Clube Minha Le

A world of news in one place! This is Le biscuit, a Brazilian houseware retail company, created in 1968, which has more than 130 stores across Brazil. Clube Minha Le launched the customer relationship program in partnership with Propz as part of its digital strategies. Because Le has everything and has price!


Leve Natural

Leve Natural is the relationship program of the Hortifruti Natural da Terra group, present in the Southeast region of Brazil with dozens of food stores. In addition to discounts and benefits, Leve Natural offers exclusive tips and content according to each customer’s food preferences.


Fácil pra Você

The São Vicente Supermarkets chain, with 16 stores in São Paulo state countryside, developed in partnership with Propz the Fácil pra Você relationship program which offers several consumer’s benefits.

Customers register their CPF (tax ID number) at purchase checkout (PDV) and earn discounts according to their consumption profile. In addition, the program has discounts on special offers published in other media outlets.


Meu Carrefour

Meu Carrefour is Brasil’s Carrefour discounts and sales program. Propz has a partnership in the management of contacts one by one and application of analytical intelligence to recommend more assertive content which has two dynamics: Double price offers available in the store, tabloid / laminate / tv, which the customer only needs to give CPF and Discount Coupons, available on the App, Totem and PDV that focuses on exclusive promotions for each customer, which can be collected at the cashier, at the self-service totems or through the program application.

“The bigger the identification, the more we got to refine our knowledge of the clients. The more faithful grew by 10% and presented a lifetime value 14 times bigger than occasional clients. Our partnership with Propz and algorithms’ offers, every time more effective and personalized, have helped us trigger 4,5% of our clients, with a 3,9% average revenue increase.”

Paula Cardoso
CEO Carrefour eBB (e-business Brazil) and Bank Council President of CRF.

On average, we have increased by 10% the average revenue of two of the major retailers in Brazil.