Our solutions compare base-offer with customer’s demand and create millions of automatic response recommendations.

Our solutions compare base-offer with customer’s demand and create millions of automatic response recommendations.

One of our clients has adopted Propz and started to generate 25% of their e-commerce results from actions originated in physical stores.

For every consumer, a different form of interaction

Our systems combine Analytic Intelligente, CRM and big data in order do analyze shopping carts performance, with vision via SKU, categories, average price and revenue composition. Therefore, the retailer obtains discernment to define offers, campaigns and behaviour actions for each client.
All of this aiming to generate results for your business.


Our solutions are:


They anticipate our clients’ movements


They provide a self-sustained campaign management system that reduces the necessity of human intervention


They fit your current needs and can be rapidly expand to keep up with your business’ growth


They analyze clients’ behaviour and understand which are their purchase motivations, optimizing promotional investment

Make more assertive marketing actions from real client database.
Enhance your relationship with your customers and become everytime more relevant to them.

Propz AI

Analytic decision engine that automatically defines CRM strategies by using dozens of algorithms and an Artificial Intelligence structure.

Propz CM

Campaign manager that personalizes campaigns in a dynamic way, with automatic measurement and multichannel activation.

Propz Analytics

A set of dashboards for CRM, client and offer-performance management. It also identifies trends and opportunities to leverage bonding and increase sales and margins.

Propz Offer Automatizer

Online offer authorizer that gives flexibility to develop multiple types of personalized campaigns for every client.

Propz technology allows retail to automatically analyze consumer behaviour during a whole day of omnichannel purchases.


Going on from there, each contact point is optimized to monetize customer’s bonding, generate more results and offer the best benefits to the customers.


Dominating data appropriation and analysis, automatizing strategic decision making and using an Artificial Intelligence system that always knows your clients better and better, Propz increases your capacity to influence client’s decision making.


The result is a sales increase and competitive edge in your relationship with your audience.