The consumer goods industry will be able to expand the scope of its actions and carry out campaigns that cover the entire consumer journey.

Today, marketing and CRM areas of consumer goods have been required not only to generate awareness for the brand and make communication strategies to put them in the Top of Mind do shopper, but also to bring a measurable revenue for the business.

That’s the reason why, even though they continue to make mass media, customer goods industry has been investing all the more in major publicity in channels that allow them to better measure the impact of their actions and their effective results on sales.

Brand-relevant insights

In an environment where shoppers are super-informed and hyper-stimulated, brands are in need of relevant insights to trigger shoppers in an intelligent way, that generate long-term bonds with them.

That’s why it’s necessary to count on a technological partner that is able to understand the shopper according to their purchase behaviour in the physical store.


Propz is able to understand a shopper at 360 degrees and measure performance of each campaign together with real consumers (that did not receive the stimulus).

In end-to-end campaigns, that include online and offline actions, that’s an insuperable advantage: integrating mass, programmatic and social media, the industry widens its action scope and makes campaigns that monitor the day in the life of a consumer.

With Propz you have a more robust vision for strategic decision making in four big pillars:


Get to know the purchase behaviour of your clients in the physical stores of our partners, for improvement identification of key-indicators.


execute campaigns in direct channels of our partners and in online media, using target audience in a dynamic way.

Measurement sellout

Measure the release results of specific SKUs and evaluate activation performance in sales points of Propz retail partners.


Have a profound understanding of brand awareness and/of actions by research panels or focus groups.

Why Propz?

A partner that uses data based on real transactional informations from real shoppers.


Infrastructure based on cloud to deliver personalized offers on large scale for every client.


Personalized identification of CPFs and SKUs.


Dynamical campaign execution, allowing that action performance be monitored in real-time and route corrections be made immediately. Obtain better results for your brand as a consequence.