Propz is pioneer in technology and application of Artificial Intelligence in retail.

We help retail increase their sales and incomes in a sustainable way.
Our goal is to create value for stores by a win-win relationship between clients and companies.

We offer objective, practical and profitable bonding solutions, using Analytics Intelligence, big data and data analysis. We are specialists in technology development and application that understand, predict and react to customer behaviour automatically and in real-time.


Behaviour analysis and best benefit offers for customers.

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Action scope enlargement and campaign-making that monitor a day in the life of a customer.

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With headquarters in Brazil, presence in Russia, USA, Peru and Chile, we have for clients the main leaders of retail and financial services of the county, among them Carrefour, Bradesco, Ipiranga and RaiaDrogasil.

There are more than 105 million listed CPFs, moving more than R$ 7,5 billions in more than 22 millions of personalized interactions monthly, which provide an increase of up to 10% on average revenue and more than 6% frequency in stores.

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+ 105 million
of listed CPFs

+ 7,5 billions
in effective sales

+ 22 millions
of personalized interactions monthly

Learn about our solutions and discover how to better know your clients, increase your sales and have a more lucrative retail!